Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cole 5 Months

Whew, Cole-Man, your 5th month easily swept by in the blink of an eye.  What an emotional and transitional month we had with Mom going back to work but we survived and love you more with each passing day.  You are the most incredible little person and are So. Much. FUN.  I can't wait for all of the fall traditions and excitement we have planned for the upcoming autumn months!

Height: 26 inches
Weight: 18 pounds
Head Circumference: 17 inches
*no percentile because no dr. appt this month

Diapers: We are still sticking you into 2's until we run out. We had just opened up a huge box when we noticed they quickly started getting tight on you.  The 3's are ready and waiting for you!

Clothes: You're at a good stage where you can wear a few 3 months still (at least in bottoms), 3-6 months, and 6 months.  So many choices to pick from it's fun to dress you everyday!

Food: Our little eater :) You just keep putting it away no matter what type of food we throw your way.  You finally started liking rice cereal right after you turned 4 months. Now that I've returned to work we are also on a new eating schedule.  You nurse with me in the morning right after you wake up, right after we get home in the later afternoon/early evening and once more before bed.  At daycare you are taking 3-4 bottles a day about 2-2.5 hours apart (each around 5 oz). You also have a serving of rice cereal shortly after drop off and have 1-2 servings of veggies with your lunch.  You started your veggies this month and can't get enough of them!  You started with squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, then peas. The only one you don't like so far is the peas- I don't blame you one bit either cause I hate peas!  At dinner you have 2 servings of veggies and will whine in between spoonfuls cause you just can't get enough.  You make all sorts of "Mmmm" sounds while you eat and cry if we pause during eating time to go do something.  We also have been putting samples of our food in your mouth to see what kind of reaction we get from you.  Our favorites so far have been your "yuck" face after sucking on a pickle and the "OMG this is so good" face to some chocolate ice cream.

Sleep: Daycare has really changed up your sleeping schedule.  You now go to bed around 8 pm and will wake up between 6-6:30 am. 50% of the nights you are also waking up between 4-5 am and you think it's playtime.  Dad is nice enough to get up with you and rock you to sleep since I am up pumping each night from 3-3:30 am.   We stopped swaddling you mid-month and made the transition to sleep sacks.  We were really worried about this change since you had loved being swaddled since you were born but you took it like a champ. This month you also started rolling to your tummy while you are asleep.  Sometimes rolling to your tummy will upset you and you'll wake up.... other times you'll just keep on sleeping. Naps have really changed too- you have become a cat napper and will only take short 20-45 minute naps, around 3-4 a day, at Miss Wendy's.  Nothing like your long 2-3 hour afternoon naps I had with you.

Milestones and Firsts:
-You started attending daycare in August when Mom went back to work.  Luckily, Miss Wendy loves you and you love her.  It's just you and one other little girl that is 6 days younger than you, McKenzie (McKenzie's mom works with Mom at Wheatridge). Jeryn goes to daycare right across the street from you too so you guys get to go do things together.  She brags and loves all over you that you're HER cousin to anybody that will listen.
-We started taking you to church services every Sunday and you really like it because of the stained glass windows and the music. We've been going to the 8:30 service and it works out perfect with your morning feeding/nap routine.  Plus all the church people that remember me from growing up in the church love carrying on and being entertained by you.  You have THE biggest smiles for them every Sunday. You really ham it up for them.
-You get to ride in the stroller all on your own now- no more carseat in the stroller.
-We took you to pick peaches for the first time and you loved it- we let you have a sample :) It was so HOT that afternoon but you didn't act like you cared at all.
-You had your first experience at the Johnson County Fair- this was always such a fun week when I was a kid so this year was extra special taking you and J-Fe there together.  You were mesmerized with all the lights and sounds.
-You and J-Fe had your first cousin bath together.  You were in your baby tub and Jeryn sat in the big tub right by you.  You two were so cute playing and splashing around!
-We traveled to Yates Center for the first time so you could meet Grandpa Cliff.  He loved you of course :)
-You also took your first trip to Warrensburg for a church service that honored Grandpa McMillan for his 81 years of service and membership at his church.
-You pet your first baby bunny and were fascinated.
-This month you started holding your own bottles for feeding with Wendy.
-Proud father/son moment- you did your first bath fart bubbles with Dad.  He beamed with pride at you ;)
-Moving moving moving this month!  You're not crawling but you know how to roll and pull yourself all over the floor to get to your destination you have in mind.  If a toy is out of reach you'll move to get to it.
-This month you discovered that you can control your hands and grab what you want.  You no longer grab things by accident, you grab objects because YOU want them.  Then they normally end up in your mouth for a taste test. 

-Anything that is colorful, lights up, or makes noise immediately gets your attention.
-Having "guy time" with Dad in the garage.  You boys hang out in the man cave and you'll play and watch whatever project Dad is working on.
-You love eating/talking/watching your electronic dog, Scout.
-The furbabies fascinated you this month.  You scoot anywhere you can to watch them and grab any fur you can get your hands on.  Poor Harlee is usually your main victim cause she rarely leaves your side.
-Your plush football tag toy has become a favorite- it was almost like you knew football season was here. No lie.
-Laying and playing outside on our outdoor blanket.  We did this a lot in the cooler days and evenings.  We even took naps outdoors in the shade together- so peaceful!
-Daycare with Miss Wendy and McKenzie.  She tells us everyday what a happy, sweet, and playful boy you are all day.  She says you'll babble and carry on all day, just happy as a clam. Makes leaving your everyday a bit easier when I know how happy you are and how much attention and love you receive since it's just two babies there.
-Pinching- oh my word do you love pinching now.  I've actually gotten bruises from you and Dad has lost some chest hair ;)

-The dogs barking really loud.
-Going down slides.  Dad held you in his lap and took you down a blowup slide at Monkey Business for Henry's birthday party.  NOT a fan of it at all- it was also the tallest one so we might be partially to blame for that ;)
-Having to eat peas.
-Napping at daycare- why sleep when you can play?

Mom's Favorite Moment:
Since you discovered that you control your hands this month you really used them to show affection. You'll grab my face with both hands and pull me to you for your wettest/sloppiest kiss.  I LOVE it :)

Dad's Favorite Moment (in Dad's words)
So I've had a few favorite moments this past month. I've had the pleasure of getting up with you in the middle of the night since you decided to start waking up while rolling over. It's so much fun being able to rock you to sleep and fall asleep myself, all while rocking together. The second thing this month that has been fun and scary is to watch you finally eat solid foods. I say scary because I remember how much I used to eat and I swear my parents hated me because of that. And so far you are holding true to the Olivier form...and yes I've started looking for a second job in order to keep up with our future food bill.