Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cole 1 Month

Height: 22.2 inches, 74%
Weight: 10 lb 13 oz, 90%
Head: 14.9 inches, 42%

Diapers: We are finishing off the last newborn box and then it's onto the size 1 diapers.  Why did you have to grow so fast?!?  The size ones look really big and mama doesn't like it.

Clothes: It's officially time to move out of newborn stuff.  All of your pj's are extremely tight and short.  And all of your pants are starting to look more like capris.  I just don't want to admit it and put you into the 0-3 month clothes cause it makes me so sad.  Dad says I'm one of those moms that's gonna get emotional about you growing up. Duh Dad!

Food: Your absolute favorite- boob sandwich.  The lactation consultant that helped out when you were born called the hold a "boob sandwich" and it kinda stuck with me and Dad.  Anytime you're hungry we say you're ready for a boob sandwich.  You are SUCH a good eater little mister.  We got into the swing of nursing quickly and easily cause man you like to eat!  And you'll eat any way... whether it's from me, a warm bottle, or a cold bottle.  When you're hungry, you're hungry!

Sleep: You're doing about 4-5 hour stretches at night right now and 2 hour naps during the day.  2 weeks ago there was one night where you slept 9 hours straight and shocked us.  But I paid for it the next day because you refused to sleep at all and just wanted to cry and eat all day long.  It was the one hard day we've had so far.  At nighttime you're pretty easy.  We swaddle you nice and tight (just how you like it), you have one last feeding, eating makes you drowsy, then we put you in your crib and you talk to yourself before crashing. 

Milestones: You have been holding up your head since your birthday, you strong little man!  Shocked everyone with that neat trick, so you like tummy time on us and on your playmat. You talk, grunt, coo, and squeal to yourself and to us during playtime.  You are tracking objects and movement, and startle at loud noises in the room now.  You also roll onto your side when you're swaddled up- which scared mom half to death the first time you did it- at 4 days old!

-#1 would definitely be a boob sandwich... you're such a boy ;)
-Ceiling fans- you can't get enough of watching them.  You don't care if they are turned on or not.  It's so funny to watch you talk, laugh, and smile to them. 
 -Being outside- anytime you start to get fussy we'll take you outside and you instantly calm and quiet down.  Which is good because we're both outside people.  You especially like the new swing that Dad installed on the patio.  I know we're gonna log some time out there now that it's finally warming up outside.
-Sleeping on our chests- this is mom's favorite way to hold you and basically what we do all day :) We can tell you're gonna be a tummy sleeper someday because you love laying on us and love to cuddle up.
-Riding in the car- you are out the second we start moving.

-Diaper changes- you're not a big fan of the cold air hitting your goods.
-Waiting to eat- when you are hungry there is no waiting, you want to eat NOW!  I actually think it's funny to watch you meltdown as I'm getting everything ready for us to nurse.  Cause once you get your boob sandwich you instantly change and the look of relief on your face is so cute.
-Sunlight- sun in your eyes automatically makes you scrunch your face up and shake your head back and forth.  We got you some sunglasses (that are so stinking adorable on you!) and you LOVE them.  Anytime we are outside or are in the car I put them on you and you just lay back and chill.
-Carseat- you are not happy being in your carseat if it's not moving.

Mom's Favorite Moments:
Our nursing time is easily my favorite part of the last month we've had with you.  I underestimated how strong of an impact that bonding time would have on us.  I actually look forward to nursing you- even in the middle of the night- because it's our time together.  You are such a noisy eater - you coo, sigh, grunt, pant, smack, hiccup, and even make a dolphin type noise as you eat. When I nurse you in bed it keeps Dad awake too because you cause such a commotion.  You grasp onto my finger as you eat and make such sweet sighs of contentment that I have literally cried I've been so happy.  Shhh... don't tell Dad that cause he'll think I'm a weirdo ;)  You've also started locking eyes with me while you eat and it melts my heart.  Can't wait for that to occur more as you become more alert and attentive.

Dad's Favorite Moments (in Dad's words):
Getting up in the middle of the night when you wake up to feed, I have the pleasure of changing your stinky butt.  But the best part is watching you wake up when I turn on your lamp. You look exactly like your mom when she wakes up, you and her make some crazy faces and I love it. However, my favorite moment of the first month would be on your second week birthday when I acquired a 1966 Mustang Coupe- it is going to be a great father son project.
However, don't get any ideas this won't be your first car!  I'm looking forward to getting you strapped in the back seat and going for a cruise as well as teaching your how to work on cars.