Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cole 6 Months: October 4, 2013

6 months. 182 days. Half a year already... just like that. Thank you for blessing us everyday with your sweet, smiley self, Cole-Man.  I know we're biased and all but you really are the best baby that brings so much joy to anyone you're around.  May you always carry that trait with you in life!

Height: 27 inches, 69%
Weight: 18 pounds, 5 ounces, 66%
Head Circumference: 17.5 inches, 69%

Diapers: Made it into the 3s now.  Boo to having less diapers per box... but woo-hoo for using less diapers in a day compared to newborn/early months.  Guess it evens itself out there.

Clothes: Depending on the brand, you are wearing 6 months, 6-9 months, and 6-12 months.  I LOVE all the fall outfits we have for you.  I especially love putting you in all your plaid button up shirts for church. You look like such a dapper gentleman!

Food: Your eating schedule is the exact same as last month cause it's going so well.  You have 2 servings of solids at three meals a day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  You also nurse or take bottles 6 times a day.  We got the go ahead from Dr. Rita to give you any stage 1 or 2 foods during your solids meals.  I think we've tried almost every single option and so far you love anything and everything... minus the peas still. Smart boy! Meats, fruits, veggies, combos, rice cereal, oatmeal, etc... you like a big variety.

Sleep: This was probably the worst month of sleep you've had so far in your life.  We're trying to stay positive and remind ourselves it's not terrible compared to other stories we've heard but it's definitely an adjustment to what we've been used to.  Things could always be worse... that's what we are telling ourselves.  About 50% of the nights in a week you cry your head off until we comfort you by picking you up and rocking with you.  We tried really hard not to do this so you didn't become accustomed to it... but how could we not?  We asked Dr. Rita about letting you cry it out and she didn't recommend it... but we've heard/read that it works so we feel really torn on what to do.  I fully admit that you're manipulating us because we can see it on the video monitor- you'll cry your head off like there's no tomorrow, stop, then look at the doorway to see if anyone is coming.  If no one comes to your rescue then it's back to your screams.  If we do come in you give us a big ole grin to show just how happy you are to see us.  Manipulator!  We need some major help on what to do about this. Naps are about the same as last month.  Miss Wendy swears up and down that you don't want to sleep because you're afraid you'll miss something.  I have no idea who you get that from ;) You're still taking around 3-4 cat naps randomly throughout the day.  You do nap better at home on the weekends so we know you can do it!  This month you became a big time sleep mover- all over the place like you're always done but now you'll switch directions and also move back and forth from your back to your tummy.

Milestones and Firsts:
-We survived our first time with having Dad gone for a business trip.  He was gone for an entire week to Boston and we both were SO happy to have him back at home with us.  I found a whole new appreciation for single moms, military moms, moms who have hubbies who travel all the time, etc. It was really hard work being a working single mom trying to do everything on my own.  Thank goodness you're a good baby- that at least made it easier on me!
-You went to your first Blazer game as a part of my 10 year high school reunion weekend.  I can't wait to see you proudly wear that Blazer blue someday!
-You are an official army crawler! Wow. It's been unbelievable to watch you master this!
-While army crawling you'll try to "real" crawl too by getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth.  You also get into the "bear crawl" position up on your tip toes but don't really go anywhere.
-On 9-20 you got to attend your first wedding rehearsal for Uncle Kurty and Jennie.  You didn't make it to the wedding but we'll count the rehearsal instead.
-You now have some big boy toys that require you to sit up and you can play for any length of time sitting up now.  The lights and sounds still mesmerize you and you bang away on them all day long.
-Since you have no problem sitting up we started doing some baths with you sitting up in your baby tub and you play with your "Super Duck" from Grammy the whole time.
-We baked you a cake for your 6 month birthday and let you have a tiny lick of the icing.  I think more came out than made it down though. The neon blue icing definitely got drooled out and all over you!
-If we stand you up and lean you against something you'll keep yourself propped up to jump up and down.

-Skyping with Daddy was fun cause you got to see/hear him and wanted to eat the phone. 
-Screaming.  Both of us and Miss Wendy commented that you've always been a chatty one but this month you increased your volume.  Yikes. Another trait I might have to blame on me for.
-We started having you wear a plastic bib since you're so messy and this fascinated you.  The first night you ate the bib more than the food and ended up wearing it as a cape cause you played with it so much.
-You find our faces to be fascinating.  You'll touch, tug, and pinch all over while holding open your mouth in curiosity.  Then you'll bring our face to yours for the sloppiest open mouth kiss ever and I absolutely love it- even more than I did last month :)
-Watching Dad play softball.
-Playing peek-a-boo or getting scared by us hiding then jumping out with a big, "Boo!" gets you to laugh hysterically. 
-"Tasting" the air every single time we are outside by opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue.
-Anything exciting makes you kick your legs like a mad man!
-Snuggling- you are a lover and still enjoy being held and cuddled whenever you're feeling sleepy or lovey.

-Seeing us eat when you aren't- man oh man do you grunt, fuss, and arch your back out of your seat to get our attention.  And, if we give you a sample you'll demand more because one taste wasn't good enough.
-Your shots were a few days before your 6 month birthday and they gave you a fever of 101.  You were so hot and sad that whole day.  All you wanted to do was snuggle and sleep with me which of course I loved.

Mom's Favorite Moment:
Watching you learn how to army crawl completely blew me away this month.  You are all over the place and it's shocking how fast babies learn and take in their surroundings.  We laugh at you a lot because you have a very unique army crawl we enjoy watching.  You use your hands and arms to steer yourself but when it comes to your feet to help push you along, you only use your big toes. You curl the rest of your toes in and push as hard as you can by digging your big toe in the carpet, wood floor, etc.  It seems to work for you so we get a kick out of it.  It's the little things like this that I hope I'll always remember as you continue to grow and change.

Dad's Favorite Moment (in Dad's words):
I think my favorite moments have been watching you crawl to your toys. Once you get there your face lights up and you giggle. We can actually set you down by your toy workbench and you'll sit there and play with it like a big boy. It makes me ready to build you your own workbench in the garage that way we can spend some quality man time together in the man cave!