Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baby O #2

Oh yes, we're at it again!  Baby O Dos will be joining our family on/around February 1, 2015! Kinda funny since Cole's due date was April 1st. The story starts a few months back...

In March 2014 one of our best friends, Wendy, talked to Trent about joining her in the chemistry lab at Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant.  We talked it over as a family and figured he could send in his application and it wouldn't hurt anything.  All the meanwhile I was making big plans about opening the new middle school with my best teacher buddies and was sooo excited.  We both didn't think anything would ever really develop and figured God knew what was best for our family.  When Wendy approached Trent we were very torn if this was right for us.  We had such a wonderful and happy life in KC and didn't see us uprooting that unless it was an amazing opportunity for our family.  In the end all the pros outweighed the cons that we could come up with.  We kept telling ourselves... it's only an hour away from our life/family/friends up here if he should end up getting it.

When Trent got the call in late April that he got an interview, it definitely made it real that our lives could drastically be changing soon. I happened to call right after he talked to Wolf Creek to tell him I got to see my new classroom at the new school and it smelled so good.  Ironic timing that those two things would be happening at the same time.

Trent had his interview the last week of April and we were told we wouldn't hear anything for 1-2 weeks which made me a nervous wreck since I needed to know... do I start packing my classroom for a move to a new school?  Or for a completely new town?  He thought the interview went great but they had told him they still had a few other candidates they were considering as well. On Saturday, May 3 as we were about to head out with Trent's family for the annual city wide garage sales (round 2 of the day), Trent got the call that changed everything.  Holy crap, he got the job.

Telling family/friends/co-workers that weekend and next week was full of highs and lows.  We'd be super pumped one minute and then I'd be in tears the next. Talk about a hot mess. But I will say, one huge pro about this job was we could start trying for a baby much sooner than we had decided was best for our family.  Jo. Co. childcare= not cheap! The day he got the job was the day my pills went into the trash.

So fast forward through May which was spent finishing our basement, packing my classroom, packing up some of our house stuff, taking a load of stuff to our storage unit in Emporia every Saturday morning, looking at houses every Saturday afternoon, not loving the 5-8 houses we'd see, and trying to get lots of family/friend time in while we could.  It all went by in a blur.

On June 3, I spent the whole night on the couch not feeling well cause I had really bad stomach cramps.  I was thinking that my dinner or the snocone treats we went and got that night didn't set well and went to bed hoping I'd feel better the next day.

Cole and I had a busy June 4 planned.  We started our morning with a trip with Jobeth and Maddy to the Overland Park Arboretum.  It was the perfect morning- absolutely gorgeous out, the kids were great, and we got some quality K-Jo time in.  But even though it was a nice cool morning I noticed I was getting hot and going through my water bottle quickly.  I assumed it was my reaction to heat cause of my thyroid, ugh so dumb.  Around 11 we headed to Lowe's to order the carpet for the basement and pick up the new door that had just been shipped.  Of course they couldn't find the door (it was up front at the register all along, grrr) so me and Cole had to wait for half an hour.  I had to entertain Cole- who did awesome- and keep my mind off of food because I felt like I was starving and hadn't eaten in days.  It was just noon by this point so I couldn't figure out why I was so hungry.  After finishing at Lowe's, I picked up lunch from Pizza Shoppe and took it home to chow down.  That afternoon we played at home, Cole took a nice long afternoon nap, and I finished packing up all of our kitchen stuff.  Fun times.

Around 5 o'clock I noticed that the same cramps were back from the night before and I was hurting pretty bad.  I thought of everything that had happened that day- got hot easily, drank water like crazy, starving, and now the cramps.  Instantly I knew... we were totally pregnant. I had had those early uterine cramps with Cole and knew it felt exactly the same.  Since Trent was just about to get off of work at Wolf Creek and start the hour and 10 minute drive home I sent him a quick text telling him that we were definitely taking a test tonight because the cramps were back and I was pretty confident that we were pregnant.  But as soon as I hit send I realized I had accidentally hit a group message thread that had been with Trent's parents and Trent, not just my text thread with Trent.  Oh crap. So they immediately texted back with smiley faces and ? marks and knew I had definitely not meant to send that to them.  When Trent called a short five minutes later I explained what I had done and I'm sure he shook his head at me :)

Right after Trent got home, Ashley and Jeryn swang by and they had sonogram pics... but it wasn't pictures of our newest niece like we had been told the previous week.  Oh no, these were pictures changing Baby Gorney to a BOY!  We were so excited and couldn't believe that Cole and his cousin would only be 1.5 years apart in age.  How fun!

We ate dinner and while I cleaned up Cole and the dinner mess he ran to Dollar General to buy a test. But he brought me back the tests that are literally one dollar.  Big spender ;) I figured he'd at least buy the $5 test... but I wasn't going to send him back or anything.  Trent was changing Cole's diaper in his room and I went right across the hall in the guest bath to take the test.  The whole time I was taking it Trent was saying, "There's no way, we just started trying, you're just anxious about the move, etc."... and in the middle of all his nay-saying... the test instantly turned positive and I squealed.  With a half dressed Cole, Trent ran over and the shock on his face was priceless.  I'm pretty sure I said I told you so in the middle of hugging and celebrating.

Since I'd already spilled the beans about the possibilty that we were pregnant, we went ahead and told our immediate family the news that night and everyone was absolutely shocked!  All the in town family we drove over and told in person, but the out of towners got a picture text and then phone call. Definitely not as planned out as last time, but what can ya do?

So Baby O2, that's the journey of how our family started to prepare for you.   It's definitely been a crazy season of change for us but we wouldn't have it any other way... because now we have you!

Big brother Cole can't wait to meet you!!