Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cole 2 months

Height: 23.75 inches, 90%
Weight: 13.6 pounds, 95%
Head: 16.25 inches, didn't tell us %
Diapers: Size 1- we just bought a giant box of 234 from so you'd better stay in 1's for awhile buddy!  We've figured out we like Pampers best too.  We tried some other brands that were gifts, but Pampers seem to prevent the most blow-outs for you.  And your blow outs aren't pretty.

Clothes: 0-3 months and 3 month outfits.  We've still been using the size small swaddlers but realized that they were getting stretched out and you were pulling them below your shoulders.  So onto the next size in swaddlers too.

Food: You're a boob guy!  You LOVE to eat and are such a good eater too.  During the day you are still eating pretty much every 3 hours.  Some days it's like clockwork.  Right now your last feeding starts between 8:30-9:30 and you'll eat for about 45 minutes.  Then you'll sleep until between 5-6 am before you're hungry again. We haven't been doing bottles as frequently cause I love nursing with you.  We've noticed sometimes you'll fight the bottle and a lot goes to waste so I guess we should probably do bottles at least once a day so that you are still used to taking one.

Sleep: Right now you'll wake up anywhere between 5-6 am most mornings.  Dad changes you, I nurse you in bed then you fall back asleep until 7-8ish.  On rainy days it's been 10 am!!  You'll have a short mid morning nap which lasts about an hour.  Your afternoon naps last 2-3 hours and your evening nap is usually just an hour or so.  Bedtime is anywhere between 9-10 pm depending on when you started nursing.  You usually fall asleep nursing so we put you down while you are full and drowsy and you usually don't fuss much.  Thank you for being a good sleeper :)

-Pro at holding up your neck and head- that's all you do these days.  You already sit on our laps and hold your head up and just look all around you.  You prefer to face out when we hold you so you can observe.
-Tracking from across the room now.  It's so cool to see Dad come in the door after work and you spot him or watch me as I walk into a room to get you.  You even track your fur siblings because let me tell you... they are crazy.
-Grabbing things like crazy.
-Carrying on a "conversation" with us.  Your noises and cute little faces just melt my heart.  We'll have 5 minute conversations and I swear you know what I'm saying.  You are trying to mimic our mouths sometimes and we like to think we've heard actual words.  These so called "words" include: no, ya, ohhh, yum (said while eating I kid you not), hey, hi, and huh.  The huh one had us cracking up cause it fit the conversation perfectly.
-The biggest one of the month... rolling over from tummy to back!!!  It literally happened over night.  One day you were just doing tummy time like normal and the next you're flipping over.  We were shocked.  Even more shocking is somehow by the grace of God I was even video recording it too.  Your first roll... on video.  Pretty flipping cool.  Don't worry we put it on youtube so the world can see your amazing talents.  And by world I mean your obsessed family.  You do it all the time now and I feel bad cause it sounds like I'm training a dog.... "Come on Cole, roll over, you can do it, roll over, etc." You poor thing having to constantly perform like that.  Get used to it ;)

 -Still majorly obsessed with fans.  I don't know what's so funny about them but man can they get you going.
-Pulling Mom's hair.  Ouch buddy.
-Swings- whether it's your baby swing or the patio swing you find it so relaxing.
-Pacis- the verdict is still out on this one whether you're gonna be a paci baby or not.  You love them when they are in your mouth... you just can't seem to get it to stay there.  You seem fine without getting it that often so we're not pushing it too hard.  Based off advice from friends we'd actually prefer you not take one.  Just one less thing to take away from you later on.  But Cole gets what Cole wants so we'll see how this next month goes.
-Going to sleep getting rocked or having your booty patted.  Your eyes get heavy right away.
-Car rides

-Harlee's bark- she has a very piercing bark that can make grown men jump so don't feel bad that you cry after she starts barking.  If she doesn't get better about it she's not going to like the bark collar...
-Hiccups- you have some violent ones that shake your whole body and you act distraught.
-Paci falling out- it's a love/hate relationship.  See above.

Mom's Favorite Moments:
Your smiles and laughs this month make me feel like the most special person in the world.  They are real laughs and smiles, not just accidental ones. I love that you'll light up when you see my face and hear my voice in the morning.  Our family gets a lot of texts from your happy faces- especially in the mornings when you are in your happiest moods.  Seeing you so full of joy fills my heart with so much love for you sweet boy.  How is it that every day I think I love you more than the day before?  You are so loved Cole Michael!

Dad's Favorite Moments (in Dad's words):
I would have to say Memorial Day weekend has to be my favorite of the month. Not only was it your first long road trip back to Great Bend, but it was the first time you got to meet the rest of your family- Uncle Mike, cousins Jeramie and Jordan, as well as Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Olivier. But I'd have to say the best part of the whole weekend was being able to create a 4 generation picture with Great Grandpa Bob being 90 years old, Grandpa Bob being 60 years old, me being 30 years old and you not being 1 yet. We kept our Olivier tradition alive with 30 years in between each generation. Maybe someday you can keep that tradition alive as well.

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