Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cole 4 Months

 Forgive me sweet boy if your mother has been a wreck here lately.  I'm definitely mourning the fact that after 4 months together I have to go back to work this Friday.  I've only cried everyday for the last week just thinking about it.  Friday is not going to be a pretty sight.  Thank you for filling the last 127 days with more joy than I ever imagined.  I've been so lucky that during these last 18 weeks together it was me who got to see you develop and hit every milestone.  It was me who got to be your 24 hour buffet, making sure you were happy and fed.  And it was me who cuddled with you nap after nap, not wanting to put you to sleep in your crib.  Shhh... don't tell Dad how often we did this.  I will be forever grateful that God delivered you to us in perfect timing to allow me to spend your first 18 weeks of life with you.  We've had a good run, you and I, and I'm already counting down to next summer.  Happy 4 months Cole-Man! We love you forever!

Height: 25.2 inches, 58%
Weight:16.3 pounds, 76%
Head:42 cm, 50%

Diapers: Still rocking the size 2s.  You did have your first incident of diaper rash this last week.  It lasted about 4 days and looked like it hurt, but you never acted like it bothered you.

Clothes:  3-6 months fit you much better but I'm still forcing a lot of your 3 month clothes on because you have so many, they are so darn cute, and it makes me sad you won't get to wear them anymore.  You don't seem to mind so we're going with it- sorry a few have given you wedgies.  You are wearing large in swaddlers and sleep sacks.

 Food: You are still nursing during the day every 3 hours for 20-30 minutes.  We have also started you on your first solids- rice cereal- and you hate it!  It does seem to be getting better each time we feed it to you but so far you don't act like you enjoy it.  The first time we did it you looked genuinely confused about what was happening.  Secretly I'm glad you still prefer eating with me but I know you need these foods to keep you big and strong.

Sleep: You still sleep about 10 hours straight every night (9:30 pm-7:30 am).  Although, on the morning of your 4 month birthday you woke up at 5 am demanding to be fed.  We both felt like zombies because it's been months since that has happened (plus I get up every night at 3 am anyway to pump). Once you were fed you went back to sleep until your normal time.  Coincidentally, that same morning I got an email from a mommy discussion group I joined and it said that at 4 months expect some sleep regression similar to a newborn's schedule.  Yup- nailed it right on time buddy.  It explained something about your pineal gland, brain, and non-REM sleep all adjusting.  Basically, it said your body is going through some changes that will affect your sleep cycles and we should start trying some sleep training while you go through it.  Here's to hoping you go back to your normal sleep pattern :)

Milestones and Firsts:
-You started balding this month- started on your left side then moved to the back.  You have about 25% of the hair you were born with and what you have left is much blonder now.
-You offically can roll both ways now.  You learned how to tuck that shoulder and go back to belly now and are doing it all the time.
-You scoot all over the floor now by pulling yourself along with blankets.  I went upstairs for some diaper cream and when I came back down you had turned 180 degrees and were facing the complete opposite direction of where I left you.  And you were naked... quite the scene I came down to.
-You can sit up by yourself with no pillows for a period of time.  It's so cute to see you sitting up like a little person.  But eventually that head gets too heavy and you sway to the side.
-You had your first overnight away from us and did a million times better than Mommy.  We had a wedding in Denver and left you for one night in GB with Abuelo and Abuela.  I only cried for the fist 30 minutes of the trip which I think was pretty good for the first time ;) You were in good hands and had a blast with your grandparents... and we made it back to you within 30 hours.  Fast and fun trip!
-We took you to the Kansas City Zoo for the first time (also Dad's first time!) and I think you really enjoyed it.  We think you liked the polar bears the most because they were putting on quite a diving/swimming show for us and we had you right up to the glass where they were pushing off.  You had your mouth open watching them. Might have to get a family zoo pass next year for you!
-I took you to your first official baby playdate with the other 3 Wheatridge boys (Easton, Keaton, and Kaeden) that were born this past spring to some of Mom's co-workers.  You four boys had a blast and are all within a 3 month age range of each other. Kaeden is only 5 days younger than you too!

-Your jumper/activity station is your new love.  You have a blast in that thing and keep yourself easily entertained.  Your favorite parts on it right now are the plastic sun, the spinning wheel thing, and the chair itself cause you try to eat it.  You bounce like crazy having a fun time.
-You could stare at yourself in the mirror all day.  It's so cute to watch you smile, laugh, and talk to that baby in the mirror.
-You absolutely love looking at your own pictures and watching/hearing videos of yourself- on video, the computer, our phones, etc.  You think that's a good looking boy and we agree!
-Being tipped backwards or upside down is a surefire way to get some belly laughs from you.  You  think it's the funniest thing ever.
-You really like grabbing Harlee's fur and legs since she's always right next to you like your own personal bodyguard.
-You are still obsessed with your hands and putting things in your mouth this month. We introduced you to your Sophie the Giraffe toy and you fell in love with her immediately.  You love everything about Sophie- her ears, head, booty, legs, etc.  Whatever part fits in your mouth you've tried.
-The tag blanket that Abuela made you is tied in first place with Sophie as your favorite things to hold.  We're all convinced you'll be a blankie baby like your Dad was.
-Music got you really excited this month.  The music on your jumper especially gets you going.
-Blowing bubbles keeps you quite messy but you get a kick out of it.
-We started sitting you in your Bumbo on the dinner table to eat with us and you love it.  I do too- our little family dinners with the 3 of us makes me very happy.
-Talking, talking, talking to us.

-Rice cereal- see above :)
-You do NOT like being alone.  Even if I just step out of a room to go do something real quick you let me know that it wasn't cool to leave you.  But as soon as I'm back within eyesight you're happy again and go about your business playing.
-Burping became a wrestling match this month.  You insist on standing up for burpings and want to swivel your head all around to observe the action.  Makes it quite a chore to catch any spit up that's coming my way.  The best way I've found to burp you is to literally sandwich your head with mine.  I put my hand on one side of your head and press your head cheek to cheek with mine to force you to stay still.  Does not make you happy!
-Projectile spit up this month.  Oh wait, that's Mom's dislike.

Mom's Favorite Moment:
Can I pick a whole entire month?  No? Okay if I'd have to pick I'd probably say cuddling in bed with you is my favorite from the month.  We don't do co-sleeping for fear of smothering you (2 adults and 2 dogs already hog the bed and I've got some crazy arms in my sleep!) but we do enjoy the morning feeding-dozing-cuddling sessions together.  During the week it's just the two of us with the fur siblings nearby and I get to hold you for about an hour after your morning feeding.  We both lightly doze and your baby breath blows in my face and I'm pretty sure I could die happy right there in that moment.  I put you in the middle on my left side to keep you safe, but also because you rotate towards the left which means you turn and cuddle right into me.  I could watch you sleeping all day- the way you sleep suck... probably dreaming of boob sandwiches, your chest rising and falling with your deep breaths, and the way you stretch both arms above your head like a little man.  Sometimes on the weekends Dad stays in bed to cuddle with you too and I love seeing my two boys all stretched out in bed.  When you're both shirtless it's even better.  I swear I look at the two of you and it's like I can picture you as a grown man.  I know that with me going back to work that these occasions will only happen on the weekends now so I'm beyond thankful that I spent most of the last month napping with you by my side.

Dad's Favorite Moment (in Dad's words):
I'd have to say some of my favorite moments have been watching you in your new jumper seat. It's amazing how fast you have been able to figure out all the bells and whistles for it.  Another awesome moment was when I was able to finally see you roll over from your back to your belly, you are getting so close to crawling, and I can't wait for that. It means you are that much closer to walking and hanging out with dad in the man cave and outside.

Look how you've changed!

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  1. Going back to work is tough, but it makes your evening and weekends times so sweet and the first time you see that giant smile when you get there to pick him up will melt your heart forever! :) Good luck-he'll have a blast watching the other kids while he's there!