Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Day in Cole's Life @ 3 Months

Happy 3 months to you Cole Man!  Here's what your 3 month birthday looked like on July 4, 2013.

We got into Great Bend the night before and you hoot-owled until 11 pm.  Luckily, Abuela had her pack-n-play all set up and ready for you to crash out in her scrapbook room.  We started hearing you fuss a little after 7 and came to check on you.  You had rotated 90 degress like usual and had also houdini-ed your way out of your swaddler.

 We got you up to change your booty and start your morning feeding in bed with me while Dad headed outside with Abuelo to start their house siding project.  Around 8ish both you and Mom went back to sleep.

At 9 we both woke up for the day and headed outside to check on the men and their project. They are slaving away and then make a Sutherland's run.  Then GGG arrives to see you.  I hand you off to her and get myself ready for the day.

Once I'm ready I get your clothes set out for the day and one of your grandmas dresses you in one of your new 4th of July outfits. At 10:45 you are ready to eat again so we hang out and watch some TV while you eat.

By 11:20 you've finished your lunch and Abuela takes you for cuddles. Around 11:45 Aunt Angie and the boys arrive and Angie gives you a bag FULL of cute new outfits for you to wear. I also get my birthday present a bit early- it's the adult version of a sippy cup for "adult juice" ;)

Dad and Abuelo take a break from their siding project around noon so me, Dad, Angie, and all the boys head to the firework stand.  Right after we leave you decide to throw up on GGG when Abuela is handing you over- right down her shirt. Then you decide it's naptime with GGG..

The firework place in GB is HUGE and it's crazy packed.  Dad is like a kid in a candy store and we spend around $35 on lots of fun stuff for later tonight!  Not too bad considering your Dad wanted one of everything.  He can't wait until you both get to blow stuff up together when you are older.

 We get home a little after 12:30 and have lunch.  Abuelo grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs and your grandmas put together a huge spread of delicious food.  You're still sleeping with GGG and don't mind the lunch commotion.

After we all finish lunch we head outside so the boys can start the firework fun.  Dad, cousins Jeramie, Jordan, Joshua, and their friend Derek all enjoy fireworks like typical boys.  All I know is their fun included duct tape, storm drains, water, and who knows what else they thought up.

GGG tries to bring you out to enjoy the firework but one of the really loud booms scares you so she takes you back inside.  Notice your 4th of July bib from Angie?  Thank goodness she got that for you cause you really needed it- you were having a very drooly day.

We all enjoy sitting outside watching the boys.  It's actually a very pretty July afternoon- out of the ordinary for hot and windy GB!

We're not quite sure who was having more fun with the fireworks- your cousins or your Dad.

Around 2 you decide you're hungry again but fall asleep after feeding for awhile.  I try laying you down but you wake back up after 5 minutes and are happy and playful so I take you back outside.  This time the fireworks aren't bothering you. You hang out with cousin Jeramie after he made you some smoke bomb art on the sidewalk.  We of course have to take your picture with it... it's just like Jeryn's pics from her first 4th of July.

A little after 3 we all head inside for Jordan's birthday celebration.  He's a firecracker baby and has a 4th birthday like you- but yours is April and his is July.

Angie and the boys head back home and around 3:30 you fall asleep with Abuela.  I go to our bedroom to take some allergy medicine for my horrible chigger bites and while browsing on my phone accidentally fall asleep.  I end up falling asleep from 4-5:30 and it felt awesome.  Mommy needs naps sometimes too I guess.  While we're all napping, Daddy and Abuelo start re-siding the house again.

 Dad got a new toolbelt that weekend and is obsessed with it.  He only raved about it a few times ;)  Hopefully you'll like tools and projects as much as your Dad does- I don't think you'll have a choice!

Around 6:15 you finally woke up- your schedule was already completely shot.  But that's what vacation and grandparents' houses are for :) I feed you your dinner and we watch TV while everyone is outside.

7:00 we all hang out on the deck and the men get cleaned up from their day of work.  They made great progress taking the deck off the house and tearing off all the old siding on the side and back of the house.

We set up props to take your pictures in Abuela's flowers.  She has pictures of all the grandkids in this same spot.

We of course have to get a picture of our family of 5 on your first 4th of July.

We all eat dinner at 8:00 while you hang out.  Then I feed you your late dinner at 8:30.  At 9:00 we all load up and head outside of town for the GB fireworks show.  We waited about an hour for the show to start so Abuela played with you and you hammed it up for all of us.

 We all wondered how you would do with the loud booms from the fireworks but you took it like a champ and they actually didn't scare you.  We could see your little eyes follow and watch the fireworks light up the sky.  I tried to take a picture of you watching them but my flash ended up making you look terrified.  You weren't scared but we thought the picture was pretty funny.

The show got even more exciting when the falling embers caught the nearby fields on fire.  There were 3 fires total but the fire crew was ready and quickly got them out.

 About halfway through the show you fell asleep in Abuela's arms.  She had you all wrapped up in your blanket which we kept on you when we put you in your carseat to leave.  You looked like you were wearing a bonnet or a cloak or something.

We got back to the house around 10:40 but the 4th of July was far from over... we had to do our own show!  Abuelo, Abuela, and you sat in lawnchairs at the edge of the driveway while Dad set off the majority of the fireworks.  I set off a few myself that I had picked out at the firework store that day.  The best one of the night was a fountain I chose because its name was "Keg Party".  Best $3 fountain I've ever bought, no lie.  We really wished we would've saved it for the finale it was so good.

Dad almost had a mishap that involved a blooming flower flying into you guys in your lawn chairs.  He lit it, threw it, and the wind caught it and carried it right above you guys sitting down.  Thank goodness Abuela covered you up in her lap and Abuelo hopped up to bat it out of the way.  Dad definitely got a stern look from Mom on that one!

We bought sparklers this year specifically so that we could figure out how to set my camera to capture sparkler writing of your name.  After a few tries we got it down!

Abuela did this one.

 Abuelo's creation- I'll let him tell you what this one is ;)

Dad said he couldn't do backwards cursive so he went with a star.

After a fun-filled day we all headed back inside and headed to bed a little after midnight.  I'm pretty sure you had a wonderful first 4th of July thanks to your grandparents showing you a great GB 4th!

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