Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halfway Sonogram!

We woke up bright and early today to see Baby O's cute little self.  There are only a few things I'll wake up before 6 a.m. for and not be grouchy.. getting to see our baby is definitely one of them! As you know from the other blog posts... no gender reveal here today.  Got to wait two more weeks with us until the Thanksgiving reveal :)

Hi Baby O! Baby's first head shot- the sonographer told us there's no way to avoid the alien baby look at this point haha.  Lack of soft tissue or something like that. She pointed out that you can actually see the baby's eye lens and everything.  Technology is crazy.

 Baby O had his/her legs crossed so she had a tough time getting a picture of the feet.  What was funny is I did too while laying there on the table... loved that!  Now we'll see if baby will come out with Trent's size 14s or my normal sized foot ;)  Can't wait to go baby shoe shopping!!!

 Underneath the label of "baby foot" you can see the bottom of one of the feet with the cute little toes.

 Arm and fingers all looked good.

 Another face and body shot.

Baby says peace out.  So funny he/she can already throw up some deuces!  Love this little crazy person inside of me!

Luckily, Trent right away told her not to show us what the baby's gender is.  And she laughed and said she already saw it and showed it on the screen. We both have different opinions on what we "think" we might've seen/not seen.  When she was in the butt region I said a girl and Trent said boy cause he thought he saw a little wiener (haha... how else should I put that?!?) so we're both still torn. As long as it's healthy... we'll take whoever God has chosen for us. The sonographer said everything looked good- body, face, brain, heart, spine, etc.  We also have a mover on our hands which should get interesting in the next 21 weeks.  She was chasing Lil' O all over the place in there.

All done and headed out for a celebratory breakfast- biscuits and gravy :)

Later tonight I'll be posting the 21 minute sonogram video... it's taking forever to upload.  We're not expecting anyone to watch it... it's for the grandparents :)


  1. best part of my pregnancy (except of course the outcome) was my sono day! It's freaking amazing to see the little person inside of you and how much they have grown since being this little peanut. I can't wait to hear boy or girl!

  2. I'm saying boy. You know Jeryn's vote!