Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a... BOY!!!

Wednesday 11.21.12 at exactly 3 o'clock on the dot was the day we found out we'll be adding a little MAN to our family! I told myself no more than 10 pics per post but Wednesday was too special of a day not to go overboard about :)

Waiting around from 2-3 was the longest hour EVER.  Imagine being eight years old on Christmas morning and times that by a thousand.  I swear I looked at my phone about every 7 minutes. Glad we had some family and friends around to distract me. We had everyone come wearing either blue or pink based on their gender prediction... a lot of blue was in the crowd :)

Trent and I wore blue as well... predicting we'd be having a little boy.  Trent has always wanted a boy first from day one.  I haven't cared either way with this first baby- just a healthy one!  But I just had a feeling that it was going to be a boy... every dream I've ever had of the baby it's been a little handsome lad.  Although a girl would've made me just as happy! And this is the box I decorated that was full of balloons waiting to be released.

Proof that I didn't even peek... I was a good girl!

Out comes the BLUE!

OMG... best moment ever!!!  Seeing all the blue flying up was such an incredible rush!

There they go... it was a really windy day and the balloons left fast.

The reaction of the crowd.

Group shot of the blue/pink- thank you to our family and friends who could make it on a Wednesday afternoon :)

A very proud/excited grandma!

Excited for grandbaby #5/grandson #4

Even though the diva predicted her baby was a girl named Kendra... she handled the baby boy news well... until the next morning I hear ;) At least her polka dot balloon was a good distraction! She will be the BEST big cousin!

All of our baby boy's cousins excited to add another boy to the mix.  Diva Jeryn gets to hold onto her only girl status awhile longer!

Thankful to have photog Ashley in the family to take pictures in an empty lot by our house afterwards :) Trent felt like it was engagement pictures again... until he ruined the moment like a typical boy would.  Guess I'd better get used to it with another boy joining our fam!

I hope our son is a min-Trenton in every way possible. He is such an incredible person, husband, and soon to be father... our little boy has a wonderful man to look up to!!!

I now have two men who my world revolves around :)

Not to be upstaged the diva made sure to show off that she had on blue too... even if it was on her panties hahaha :)

Our first babies... clearly excited to announce that they have a little brother on the way :)

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