Monday, February 25, 2013

35 Weeks

35 Weeks: Baby O is the weight of a honeydew melon. 
He weighs 5.25 pounds and is over 18 inches long.  This week his kidneys are fully developed and his liver can process some waste products.  His basic physical development is mostly complete- his main job now is to put on weight!

How far along? 35 Weeks
Total weight gain?  27 pounds
Maternity clothes? Mix of maternity and normal clothes
Stretch marks? None so far...
Sleep? So so... back pain was rough this last week so even lying down was semi uncomfortable.
Best moment this week? Too many to count!  2 snow days last week and 1 tomorrow, both of my AMAZING showers*, being in organizing heaven with all the little baby things to put away, ordering his Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids in case he comes early and is an Easter baby, picking out his birth announcements so I don't have to when he's here, and feeling him move ALL the time.
Miss anything? One day last week was evidently National Margarita Day?! 1. Why didn't I know of this before this year? 2. Who puts that on facebook for preggo women to see and tease ;)
Food cravings? Sadly... the margarita sounded good!
Anything making you queasy/sick? Nada
Gender? Little man :)
Labor Signs? None and that's how I like it!
Symptoms? Same as last week- being slow, heartburn, back pain, getting hot, puffy feet and face.
Belly button in or out? Out 90% of the time.
Wedding rings on or off? Still on, yay!
Happy or moody? Other than today I was feeling so joyful all week long.  Today was just an emotional day for some reason and the baby hormones took over.  It all started with Trent being told to get a hotel room for the next 2 nights/3 days up by the airport so he can attend some dumb convention stuff for work.  They wanted to make sure he wouldn't miss it due to weather so he had to pack his bag last night to leave right after work.  With the terrible storm and being just a month-ish out from the due date I did not like this news one bit.  Good thing I don't have a husband who has to travel/leave for work often because seeing him leave with his duffel bag today was not a pretty sight for this gal.  Stupid hormones!  It was downhill from there with the last minute changes of rescheduling doctor's appointments, hair appointments, AWFUL work stress with planning on how to make up 3 missed days with state assessments just 2 weeks away, crazy students, etc.  But a perfect doctor's appointment tonight (with Trent able to come before leaving for north KC) to hear our strong boy ended my day on a much better note.
Looking forward to? Our all day birthing class on Saturday- I'm sure this will make everything really real... and our maternity pictures on Sunday.  Also excited to get my hair done later this week cause I'm way overdue for my highlights!
Daddy moment?   My husband blows me away on helping other people.  He is such a selfless person that it still amazes me.  He left work early on the two snow days to snow-blow for 15 houses.  Houses that he wasn't getting paid for or even getting thanked for (some neighbors who didn't even thank him are now on my bad list, grrrr). Meanwhile, I'm inside in the warm house just living the dream being lazy.  He puts me to shame every time!

**My two incredible showers hosted by my co-workers, then Jobeth, Ashley, and Angie were so unbelievable that they deserve their own post when I get the pictures from Ashley.  To anyone who had anything to do with our showers- THANK YOU.  Words can't describe how fortunate we feel!

And pictures from the week...

 Flowers from my dad to brighten my snow days!

On the first snow day at about noon this is what our yard looked like.  NUTS that it all started just that morning.

 Backyard shot mainly to show that the snow went clear up to the top ring of our firepit.

 After being stranded on I-35 for 3.5 hours Trent immediately started in on his snow-blowing for our neighborhood.  The guy loves doing it though :)

 While Trent's outside I got this guy on my lap in front of the fireplace being my laundry folding helper.  He's cute, but he's not much help.

Jobeth and Kyle spent a long President's Day weekend in California and went to Disneyland.  They were thinking of Baby O in all their fun and brought this cute souvenir home!  Can't wait to see him wearing it when he's outside working with his Daddy :)

 Mom, this picture is for you.  See... you really can take good pictures!  Look at this one you got of Harlee girl!

Most ridiculous picture= Bentley trying out Lora's handiwork for one of Baby O's newborn picture outfits.  When you don't have a baby to test the size on... improvise and throw in your five pound dog.  He fit perfect for anybody curious ;)

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  1. So many things...
    - You're getting so close and looking so cute
    - Trent is such a little sweetie pie
    - That handiwork that Laura did is AMAZING
    - Hope your enjoying the snow days :)