Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cole 3 months

Where oh where has this time gone?!?  Seriously. Little man, your first year is 25% finished already and that blows my mind.  You are the sweetest, happiest, most entertaining little person and we're so lucky to have you.  We find it hard to remember what life was like before you because you are the center of our world.  Happy 3 months baby boy!

Height: 24.5 inches
Weight: 15.4 pounds
Head: 17 inches
*no percentile because no dr. appt this month

Diapers: In the size 2s now... making momma sad :(

Clothes: 3 months and 3-6 months in clothes and pj's, medium in swaddlers and sleep sacks.

Food: You eat for about 30 minutes every 3 hours during the day and will sleep through the night without having to be fed.  I still love nursing with you- it's such a special time between us that I wouldn't trade for anything.  We are so grateful that you are able to breastfeed.  I know it's not for everyone and some women aren't able to... but for us it's going wonderful.  At our 2 month appointment Dr. Rita said to feel free to start giving you rice cereal at about 3 1/2 months.  Dad's excited about it whereas I'm on the fence.  I love seeing you do new things but that also means that you're growing up too fast for me!  Stop it mister!

Sleep: We are so thankful and blessed that you have slept through the night since you were about a month old. You go down around 9 pm and will wake up between 7-8 am.  Your morning nap is around 9:30 and it's usually just 45 min-1 hour.  I usually take this nap with you holding you either on the couch or bringing you back into me and Dad's bed.  I love the cuddle time. Your afternoon nap is anywhere from 1-2 o'clock and it normally lasts a couple hours.  This last week we started trying to see how you did with sleep sacks instead of swaddlers since you are such a mover in the swaddler. You are still moving ALL the time in your sleep and it's always counterclockwise.  We bought a pool noodle and put it under your crib sheet to use as a "bumper" to try and prevent you from rotating.  Now you just shimmy down the noodle but at least you're not banging your head into the crib rails. Right now you just wear the sleep sack for naps and we still swaddle you at night.  You sleep much better all snug in your swaddler so we don't want to take it away from you just yet.

Milestones and Firsts:
-Can sit propped up and observe what's going on around the room.  You prefer sitting up instead of being held like a baby now so that you can watch things :(
-Started sleeping in sleep sacks
-Your first time being left by both Mom and Dad so we could have a date night at the Kenny Chesney concert.  You had so much fun with your cousin Jeryn, Aunt Ashley, and Uncle Jerad. 
-You set off your first Chinese lanterns- a surprise we did with the Olivier side of your family for Dad's 30th birthday.
-You had your first "man night" with Dad so that Mom could go to a friend's bachelorette party.  You guys hit up Lowe's and Walmart, visited some neighbors, took a bath, and went to bed.  Glad both of my boys had fun although I hated being away from you!
-We celebrated Dad's first Father's Day with doughnuts in bed, Deanna Rose Farmstead, New York Dawg Pound for lunch, and shopping at Home Depot and Lowe's.
-Grabbing all sorts of things- toys, blankets, hair, necklaces, etc.  Dad loves that he can now hand you a toy and you'll wave it back and forth... and then put it in your mouth.
-You now drool like a dog and blow bubbles.  Some outfits only last a few hours before you soak through them and it's time for a wardrobe change. No teeth or anything yet... just a lot of drool.
-Your arm hair and leg hair came in this last month- very blonde and very hard to see. Your eyelashes also got longer and your eyebrows darkened up just a smidge. 

-You love when we do airplane- whether it's doing it with you on our shins or holding you in the sky to bench press you.  You think it's especially funny when we hit "turbulence."
-Standing up.  My word that's all you want to do.  If you have a surface to stand on and then bounce yourself up and down you will.  That's the only way you'll burp now too which makes it really fun when your spit up becomes a stream and you nail whatever is in your path- usually me.
-You became SO ticklish this last month.  Your most ticklish spots are under your chin, your belly, and your armpits.  We love love love tickling you because it brings out your cute little chuckles. -"This Little Piggy" on your toes makes you cackle and belly laugh like none other.  It's my favorite way to get you laughing.
-Talking up a storm with your sounds, coos, and squeals.  You are a vocal little guy, especially in the mornings.
-Your two favorite songs are the cups song from Pitch Perfect and Darius Rucker's wagon wheel song.  Those two calm you down better than any other ones we sing.
-Dancing in our laps.  Your go to moves right now that you enjoy the most would be the fist pump and the twist.  We do those ones for you.  The only move you have down on your own is the stomp.
-Splashing in the bathtub really increased this last month.  We have been bathing you in the infant tub on the kitchen counter by the sink but here lately you have been kicking and flailing like crazy and sending water everywhere.  Pretty sure your kitchen bath days are about over.
-You really loved your hands this month.  You'd watch them while you were holding something and then drop that object to put them in your mouth.  You try hard as you can to put them both in your mouth but it just doesn't work out so you usually just gnaw on your thumb and pointer finger.  You just gnaw on them though, you don't really suck on them.

-You HATE not being fed on time and have no patience when it's chowtime.  You no longer have a cute newborn cry- it's a very demanding/ticked off cry that let's us know you mean business.  You have two cries- a tired one and a hungry one.  The hungry cry is the one that turns you red in the face and makes you gag yourself cause you're crying so hard.  You'll plant your feet, lift yourself up and arch your back while screaming. We think it's kinda funny cause you are instantly fine when you start to eat like all has been forgotten :)
-You are over the bouncy seat.  I can't remember the last time you actually sat in it without crying.  Definitely not where you like to hang out.
-The car not moving.  We could literally stop at a stop sign for only three seconds and you instantly cry when we stop and are fine the second we move.  

Mom's Favorite Moments:
It's a tie between two this month.
1. During our nursing sessions you will stop eating, lean back, and give me the biggest, sweetest, gummiest grins in the world.  We'll just lock eyes and smile at one another.  Then you pick right back up and continue eating.  It is the sweetest look that instantly makes me melt and feel like your most favorite person.
2. Being able to tickle you and get those first deep belly laughs was awesome.  So far I'm the one that can get you to giggle the most but I'm sure Dad will eventually take over in that category.  Dads are always the best ticklers!

 Dad's Favorite Moments (in Dad's words):
 For this month I loved the fact that we got our first father-son trip into Lowe's. I know to some people it wouldn't be a big deal, but if you know me I live in Lowe's and Home Depot. I have a feeling we will be making many many many more trips into the hardware stores. Your Mom has seen all the pictures of Grandpa and I when I was a kid working along side of him. Cole, hopefully we can make these same memories from when I was growing up, and this first trip to Lowe's only starts it off on the right foot.

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