Sunday, January 11, 2015

37 Weeks

37 Weeks: Baby O2 is the length of a stalk of Swiss chard. 
The baby weighs 6 1/3 pounds and is a bit over 19 inches head to heel. Over these next two weeks he/she will spend all his/her time putting on weight and letting the brain and lungs finish maturing. 

How far along? 37 Weeks
Total weight gain? Back down to 22 pounds according to my doctor's appointment this week.
Maternity clothes? Mixing both maternity and non-maternity.
Stretch marks? None yet...
Sleep? One bathroom break a night and waking up anytime I need to switch sides but even with those things going on I'm sleeping great.
Best moment this week? Getting sooo much baby related done.  I feel like it's a weight off my shoulders having knocked off most of our to do list.  We're all packed for the hospital, have our Plan A and Plan B lists typed up and stuck on the fridge, did the baby laundry, and did our last shopping trip to get all the last things on the need to buy list. I also started getting my maternity sub stuff going since I only have 3 weeks left of work.  Woohoo!!  
Miss anything? A Corona sounds oh so delicious.
Movement? Still moving a lot especially in the evenings/night.
Food cravings? While buying some snacks for the hospital stay I refound the birthday sprinkle Oreos.  Glad I didn't remember about them until the end of this pregnancy!
Anything making you queasy/sick? Not a thing
Gender? Only 21ish more days before we meet him/her!  Getting out all of Cole's newborn stuff did kind of make me yearn for another boy to use all the cute little man outfits one more time.  But dressing a girl would be sooo much fun too.
Labor Signs? At our doctor's appointment this week our doctor said we were 1-2 cm dilated and Baby O2 is super low.  In her words, "Ohh baby is right there."  I can tell too because I've been feeling a lot of low pressure.
Symptoms? No more stomach soreness- I'm blaming the flu for that last week. Having heartburn most nights after dinner and just a bit slower but overall I don't feel like I'm 37 weeks pregnant most days.  Now that I've said that out loud I probably jinxed myself. 
Belly button in or out? Out all the time 
Wedding rings on or off? On- Last week I said I wasn't going to put them back on but I ended up changing my mind because I'm not experiencing any swelling yet.  Still time for that to happen though!  Until then I'll keep them on as long as I can.
Happy or moody? Feeling happy and at peace this weekend.  I kinda felt some anxiety last week after coming down sick, not getting as much done as I wanted, heading back to work after a wonderful break, having a million baby things to do, etc. I do feel some mommy guilt here and there that Cole won't be getting enough attention and isn't going to be the baby anymore.  I know that's probably silly though because we're giving him a sibling- his partner-in-crime.  I'm just sad he's so big and doesn't seem like a baby anymore. Please tell me that I'm not the only crazy mother who has had these feelings right before baby #2.
Looking forward to? Knocking out another week of work, getting my hair done this weekend, and maybe my husband even taking me on a date before the baby comes??  Hint hint :) We haven't been on a date since our anniversary... in JULY.  Not cool.  You'd think we've been busy or something haha.
Daddy moment?  Trent not only stepped up huge this weekend helping me out but he also spent two days down at the Dynamic Discs store helping out with a huge remodel.  Such a jack of all trades which I LOVE about him.  I'm one lucky girl!!
Big Brother Cole moment: Cole Man is so fun right now.  He has his tantrum moments too, don't get me wrong.  But his personality is just coming alive and he learns something new to say every day. One of his words that is cracking us up right now is how he says "more."  More was one of the first words he learned to say and was the first word he learned to sign.  But here lately he has added an s onto the end and he says "mores" which is to die for in his little boy voice.  Gosh I could just eat him up.  

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