Sunday, January 25, 2015

39 Weeks

39 Weeks: Baby O2 is the size of a mini watermelon.
Our little miss or mister weighs a bit over 7 pounds and is around 20 inches.  This week the baby continues to build up a layer of fat to control the body temperature after birth and the outer layers of skin are coming off as new skin forms underneath.

How far along? 39 Weeks
Total weight gain? After dr appt on Friday we were up 25 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Mixing both maternity and non-maternity.
Stretch marks? Still none!
Sleep? The body is definitely getting ready for baby because I'm taking several bathroom breaks a night and once I'm awake in the mornings I'm wide awake.  Getting ready for the newborn nights I'm sure.
Best moment this week? Getting my approval for the full 12 weeks of maternity leave.  I had just found out earlier that week that since I haven't been employed by the school district for a full year I had to get a doctor's night in order to take the 12 weeks under the Family and Medical Leave Act.  I had a slight panic attack the day I found out and sent Trent a stream of OMG emails but luckily it was no problem to get the approval from our doctor.  Now I can look forward to that bonding time at home with our baby.  It's time you definitely can't get back and since this is our last baby I'm going to enjoy every single second.
Miss anything? After grilling out tonight Trent mentioned it would've been better with a summer shandy and I'm pretty sure there was instant drool on my part.
Movement? Low low low movement with lots of pressure.  In this blog with Cole I had also written that I had lots of low movement this week with him.  I didn't remember having it as low with him so I'm glad that I had the blog here to remind me that it's normal and the baby is just getting ready for D-day.
Food cravings? I've been hardcore craving chocolate this week.  And ice cream. And sweets. And peanut butter. All that healthy stuff obviously!
Anything making you queasy/sick? Not a thing
Gender? The suspense of the gender has been such a cool experience- so totally different from finding out with Cole. Trent is still saying boy, I'm leaning 70-30 towards girl, Cole says it's a baby, and my class made a graph to predict the gender and we ended up split 50-50.  Can't wait to find out in 7 days +/-.
Labor Signs? We were still dilated to 3 cm at our doctor appointment on Friday.  The doctor said we'd probably be staying there until it was show time which could be tomorrow or still another week depending on what the baby feels like doing.  In the last few days I've started having some hip cramps or spasms.  Not sure what to call it because I'll just be standing and my left hip will suddenly give out.  It hurts but goes away quickly.  My body is getting ready for the big job I have ahead of me!  I've had a few contractions here and there the past few days but never anything with a pattern to them yet.
Symptoms? Definitely tired by the time I get home.  Two nights this last week I accidentally took 20 minute power naps on the couch while Cole and Trent were playing.  I'm also having heartburn a couple times a day but it's still not unbearable like it was with Cole. 
Belly button in or out? Out all the time 
Wedding rings on or off? Still on and coming off in the shower so unless I puff up this week I might actually get to keep them on the whole pregnancy.
Happy or moody? HAPPY! But I still have one more week to have a meltdown on Trent and blame the baby ;)  We both still can't believe that I never had "one of those" moments this entire pregnancy haha. On Friday, I did warn Trent that if the doctor didn't approve my 12 week maternity leave I was guaranteed to flip out for sure. He's happy we avoided that one!
Looking forward to? Meeting our baby and seeing Cole become a big brother.  Can't wait for our family to be complete!!
Daddy moment?  Trent is ready to go and is on full alert for the baby.  Anytime I make a face he's instantly all over me asking if I'm okay.  He's just as ready as I am to meet this little guy/gal! 
Big Brother Cole moment: As if I didn't already know that Cole idolized Trent, he proved it again today when we were getting ready to go hang out with Daddy in the shop.  I told him he could wear his Carhart work jacket and then he insisted on getting a hat.  But he kept whining when I gave him his hat... turned out he wanted to wear one of Daddy's hats.  They looked like two peas in a pod today- work boots, Carharts, and hats.  They crack me up!

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