Sunday, January 4, 2015

36 Weeks

36 Weeks: Baby O2 is about the size of a head of romaine lettuce. 
Our little one weighs almost 6 pounds and is putting on the weight at about an ounce per day.  He/she is more than 18.5 inches long. This week Baby O2 is shedding most of the downy hair and the waxy vernix that covered the whole body.  He/she swallows these substances for the first bowel movements- nasty.

How far along? 36 Weeks
Total weight gain? need to check but I don't feel like getting off the couch...
Maternity clothes? Still mixing maternity and non-maternity.
Stretch marks? None yet...
Sleep? Sleeping great but hot.  I also wake up anytime I switch sides to adjust my pillows.
Best moment this week? Spending some extra days with Cole Man to end our Christmas break :( I got lots of cuddle time and we napped together almost every day.  
Miss anything? Being able to play in the floor as easily as I'd like to with Cole.
Movement? Lots of movement still, not as forceful as it was.
Food cravings? Still just really thirsty. Cherry 7-Up has really been hitting the spot.
Anything making you queasy/sick? Nothing... unless you count having the flu this weekend.
Gender? Leaning more towards boy since Trent also had a boy dream this last week.  But then again... it could be girl since I'm not as puffy and broken out as I was with Cole...
Labor Signs? After a really crappy Friday we can breathe a bit easier and say no labor signs.  On Thursday night Trent and I stayed up till about 1 am watching a movie which was no big deal since we were both on break.  When we were going to bed I asked Trent if he minded if I turned on the ceiling fan because I was so hot and kinda queasy.  Not long after falling asleep I woke up throwing up and it never stopped.  It was miserable.  We were supposed to have a doctor's appointment that morning so Trent called our doctor to see if they wanted us to come in or not.  After hearing how much/long I'd been throwing up they said we needed to head into the hospital and go to Labor and Delivery so I could get IV fluids, Zofran, and so they could monitor the baby since we are so far along.  Once we were there they saw that I was having contractions and I got worried that we'd be having a baby.  Luckily, the contractions calmed down once I got the fluids in me.  They said the contractions were probably just caused from being so dehydrated.  I spent the rest of the weekend recovering and taking it easy.  I know my immune system is shot and I'm just run down because I've also had an annoying cold for two weeks.  This last month we are doing nothing so that we can all rest and stay healthy!  Definitely praying that Trent and Cole don't get the flu too...
Symptoms? I've officially slowed down and had to start relaxing more. Not sure if it's from throwing up so much, having contractions, or just being 9 months pregnant... but my stomach is SORE.
Belly button in or out? Out all the time 
Wedding rings on or off? I took them off in the hospital just in case the IV fluids made me swell. They didn't but I'll probably keep them off just in case since they are kind of tight.
Happy or moody? Happy yet kinda stressed since we were completely done with everything for Cole at this point.  Not so much with this one- plus work at January seems a bit crazy too :(
Looking forward to? Made our final shopping list for the last minute things we need to buy and we plan to pack our hospital bags this week.  Let's just say that Friday was a wake up call that we need to get ourselves and Cole prepared.  
Daddy moment?  Thank God that I got sick on a day when Trent was off.  In my condition I can't imagine how I would've taken care of Cole and gotten him to daycare when we were told to head to the hospital. Trent and my mom took such good care of us! 
Big Brother Cole moment: My sweet boy gave up his crib this week and officially moved into a full sized big boy bed so that Baby O2 could have his crib.  Talk about an emotional moment for mama.  I was sitting and helping Trent reassemble the crib when I couldn't hold the tears in any longer.  Seeing my baby in that big bed made him seem so small.  Amazingly, he's transitioning like a champ and we haven't had any issues with him getting down to play or anything.  He's crying a bit more than usual when we lay him down but it's gotten a bit better each night.  When he wakes up in the morning he even stays put and just plays with his stuffed animals until we come to get him.  Cole, you are one amazing little boy!!  Please stay my baby forever...

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