Monday, October 8, 2012

15 Weeks

 Baby O is the size of an apple

How far along? 15 Weeks
 Total weight gain? No weight gain yet
Maternity clothes? Not as of yet.  All my pants are still buttoning so I'm gonna ride this one out as long as I can :)
Stretch marks? Nope- lathering on my cocoa butter
Sleep? Great if you ignore the bizzarro dreams I've been having.  I've never really been a dreamer that remembers my dreams.  Not so, anymore.  For instance, just last night I had dreams about my students hating the Runts candy cupcakes I bought (is there even such a thing?), starting a Nascar racing team with a driver named Rusty Wells (does he even exist?), and a mob from the 1920's.  Very strange....
Best moment this week? 3 way tie between the pumpkin patch with Jeryn, Trent and my dad starting our patio cover project, and making homemade Chex Mix with my mom.  The entire batch is halfway gone and Trent's only had a handful!  The baby really likes it :)
Miss anything? Really wanted a cold beer with Trent this weekend when he lit the firepit
Movement? Nope- but should be in the next few weeks!!
Food cravings? Nothing new or crazy.
Anything making you queasy/sick? I have actually tried some of the forbidden "c word" :)  In the last week I had chicken in my Chinese food and in my burrito from Chipotle!  Yay!
Gender? Come on November...
Labor Signs? Nope
Symptoms? Actually started feeling like myself again.  Trent even hugged me when he came home to see me cleaning and vacuuming and said "I'm so glad the old Kala is coming back."  Not sure if I should take offense to that or not ;)
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? Nothing but JOY!  But we are brainstorming what my first pregnancy hormones breakdown will be about.  We both think it will be housework/cleaning/honey do list related to something Trent didn't do haha.
Looking forward to? Trent's family coming into town to celebrate Bob's birthday
Daddy moment? Talking about how much fun/different it will be next year when we're at the pumpkin patch will Lil' O all bundled up with us.  He/She will be 6 months by then- crazy!

 She could not get enough of the bouncy houses and slides at the pumpkin patch! We probably could've watched her all day :)

 Is that not the face of pure joy?!?

 Lil' O had fun at the pumpkin patch too :) You can see our pile of pumpkins on the ground and the pumpkin I'm holding is the pumpkin Jeryn helped us pick out for "her" baby.  My favorite quote from our day at the patch was from my baby daddy, "I don't know what it is, but being out here and seeing all these pumpkins makes me so happy." Hahaha... he is such a little kid at heart which makes me and baby so happy.

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