Monday, October 29, 2012

18 Weeks

18 Weeks- Baby O is the size of a bell pepper. *Today was hat day and I kept it on... even though it won't match my other pictures and this bothers OCD Kala... I'm fine with it since you don't want to see the hat head I was sportin'. 

How far along? 18 Weeks
 Total weight gain? Up 4 pounds
Maternity clothes? Still not yet
Stretch marks? Nope- lathering on my cocoa butter
Sleep? Sooo good.  I even went to bed at 7:30 one night last week.  Felt amazing :)
Best moment this week? Toss up between hearing Baby O again at our appointment and having my first dream and actually "seeing"/talking/holding our little one.  I dreamed it was a little boy and he looked just like Trenton.  OMG he was the cutest thing.  He was Trenton's mini me and was laying on my chest just staring back at me while I was talking to him.  I woke up SO happy :)  But now I'm really torn because I was leaning toward a girl prediction.  We'll know for sure in a month I guess!
Miss anything? Going to a Halloween party and not being able to play all the games like normal just didn't feel right.  Everyone was nice and let me play all the games still... but I just did my drinks with Cherry Coke. Not the same...
Movement? A few here and there... nothing too consistent or major yet.
Food cravings? Nothing really this week.
Anything making you queasy/sick? Nothing!!
Gender? So there's been a slight change... our sonogram appointment got moved up to Nov 6!!!  But... we are still planning on waiting until Thanksgiving to find out the gender with both of our families.  Guarantee that this will be the longest two week wait EVER.  Trent has even decided to take the sealed envelope to Ashley and Jerad's because he knows I'll give in and peek.  We all know I have absolutely no self control- pretty much with everything in life. 
Labor Signs? No- I'd hope not!
Symptoms? I told my doctor about my back pain and inflammation.  After she gave me a kidney punch, literally- ouch!, she decided she wants to watch my kidneys for kidney stones.  If it doesn't get better in the next month then we might have to do a sonogram of my kidneys.  But I have no other symptoms so I'm guessing (and hoping and praying!!) that it's a false alarm on the kidney stones.  My stomach is also really sore from all that growing and stretching.  Feels like I had a major ab workout but that's definitely not the case!
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? Happy all week minus one day where I was kinda cranky.  No pregnancy meltdown though- just kinda mopey and wanted to be by myself.  Not like me since I'm a people person and hate being alone.
Looking forward to? Halloween trick or treaters and getting my hair done.  My colorist is going to flip when she hears the news! She's the BEST.
Daddy moment? Trent got the patio cover finished and can't wait to start baby projects now :)

 This year's Halloween costumes- "The Bun Maker" and the "Bun in the Oven"... although at the Halloween party I kept getting called oven maker haha.  Thanks to Paul and Britney for shipping us these costumes of theirs!

Like I mentioned above... the patio project phase 2 is done!  Phase 1 happened earlier this summer when we poured a patio concrete and sidewalk-to-driveway addition.

The before picture clear back in April.

And after!! Not the same angle but you get the picture. Phase 3 includes staining, building a ceiling, installing electrical for lights/fans, adding the decoration touches, building a pallet table, buying furniture, installing a porch swing on the right side, etc.  All but staining will probably be put on hold until next spring though.

 Side view as you walk in from the side gate/sidewalk.

Another one up close.  Baby Daddy did good :)

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