Monday, January 21, 2013

30 Weeks

  30 Weeks: Baby O is the weight of a head of cabbage 
He weighs almost 3 pounds and is 15.7 inches long.  This week his eyesight continues to develop even though it's not very keen.
*MLK day means no work... which means no getting ready and PJs all day for Kala... forgive the picture quality :) I doubt Baby O will care haha.

How far along? 30 Weeks- the thirties!!!!
Total weight gain?  24 pounds
Maternity clothes? Mix of maternity and normal clothes
Stretch marks? None as of yet... cross those fingers!
Sleep? These days I go to bed early and rise and shine early. Complete opposite of my normal self- he must be training me for what newborn life is like! 
Best moment this week? In no particular order- LOTS of nursery projects and craft projects checked off the to do list.  My new Project Life kit arrived and I did some scrapbooking. I had a 3 day weekend since it was MLK day today.  I did my first load of baby laundry and OMG loved pulling out all the teeny baby boy outfits.  Looked so weird sitting in our laundry basket since I'm not used to that *yet*.  I'm sure the newness and fun of baby laundry will wear off quickly once he arrives and throws up/poops on every other outfit. Lastly, spending all day today with my BFF for her birthday- Baby O even gave her a happy birthday kick :)
Miss anything? I had a long day at work last week and a Corona on the deck sounded so nice.  I'm ready for spring/summer to enjoy being off with my little man!
Food cravings? Nothing new this week.
Anything making you queasy/sick? Not a thing
Gender? Little man :)
Labor Signs? My doctor confirmed that I've had 2 instances of Braxton Hicks.  Nothing too bad or serious but she did worry me when she started talking about timing/tracking them/going to ER/calling her if they get to a certain number.  Holy cow.  Stay put and bake some more Baby O!
Symptoms? The two usuals- heartburn and back pain.
Belly button in or out? Flat as a board.
Wedding rings on or off? On- although every time I take a shower I check just to make sure they still come off so they don't have to be cut off.
Happy or moody? HAPPY that this is going so fast... it's also becoming more real that in 2ish months we'll get to meet him!
Looking forward to? Completing the nursery & baby showers in a little over a month!
Daddy moment?   Trent has been a working machine helping me with stuff for the baby's room.  So lucky that I have a husband who wants to be involved in making/picking out everything.  I'm also lucky that we pretty much have identical taste so when I describe what I'm thinking or picturing he's always on board.  Although... he did have his first pregnancy meltdown over working on the baby's monogram for over the crib.  The perfectionist in Trent had enough and he threw in the towel after a mishap.  This time it was the preggo wife that got to calm him down.  Even though he claims he didn't throw a fit... and he says the dads can't have meltdowns haha. 

One of the nursery projects I finished up this last week- dividers for his closet.  I got the idea off of pinterest but went down the chalkboard paint route instead of numbers mod podged on like all the other ones I saw.  I liked that with the chalkboard tops I could rewrite and relabel as needed instead of being stuck with a divider that would forever and always be for newborn clothes only. Labeling= happy mommy! 

 Shortly after announcing Baby O's arrival, Trent's mom made me this scrapbook to document the pregnancy in.  She knew we wanted a navy nursery no matter what the gender would be so that's why the book was already blue.  If it had been a girl I would've went back and added some pink stickers to girly it up :) After debating how I wanted to use the book I decided to put all my blog posts into the monthly dividers so he can someday read about each week of my pregnancy with him.  That way all this time I put into this blog isn't for nothing in case it suddenly disappears someday!

 The first card in each month is a quick recap of what we did that month.  Then behind that is a card per week of the pregnancy.  The front of each card holds the weekly belly picture and the date it was taken.  The back of the card contains every blog post I wrote up of the weekly questions- shrunk down to a very small font size 7.  I love how it turned out and am very thankful Lora made us such a cool gift!

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  1. what monogram letter is Trenton struggling with?