Monday, January 7, 2013

28 Weeks- 3rd Trimester!

 28 Weeks: Baby O is the weight of a Chinese cabbage  
He weighs 2 1/4 pounds and is 14.8 inches long.  This week little man can blink his eyes and now has eyelashes. He can see light through the womb, is developing billions of neurons in his brain, and is adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world!

How far along? 28 Weeks/7 Months/3rd Trimester!!!
Total weight gain? 22 pounds
Maternity clothes? Still just in pants
Stretch marks? None right now
Sleep? I tossed and turned a lot this last week :(  I also had to sleep two nights in the guest room cause Trenton had the flu BAD and wanted me to stay away from his germs.
Best moment this week? So many to pick from- we had our NYE party, we went and picked out the carseat/stroller thanks to Grandma Geneva's generous gift, we did some nursery projects (forgot to take pics so I'll do that next week), and I started Baby O's scrapbook with my new Project Life kit.  But the best moment of the week was last night in bed when Trent and the baby were high fiving back and forth.  Trent had his hand on my stomach like normal, feeling him wiggling around before bed.  But on one of his kicks, Trent pushed back and Baby O started pushing back like crazy to him.  It startled us both so much since that hadn't happened before- and it was a completely different sensation.  They kept at it and Trent just lit up- his first father/son high fives.  I melted :)
Miss anything? Nothing!
Food cravings? Nothing new this week.
Anything making you queasy/sick? Not a thing
Gender? Little man :)
Labor Signs? Nope, thank goodness!
Symptoms? Heartburn sucks and my back now hurts randomly throughout the day, but especially at night.
Belly button in or out? Still barely in- it's hanging on as long as it can.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? Still no mood swings, just overall full of joy!  I still don't feel like I have the crazy pregnancy hormones yet- I just feel like normal Kala.  Do they come out later for some women? 
Looking forward to? Is it sad if I'm super excited for Sean's season of The Bachelor that starts tonight?!
Daddy moment?   The daddy/son high fives definitely tops his list this week.  He's also been busy building Baby O a bookcase. Typical Trent always has something he's working on!

Our last NYE ever as just the 4 of us!

 With Jess... and our 1 week apart bumps of Baby girl Carlson and Baby boy O :)

 Trent was the real entertainment of the night this year at the party, especially when him and Searle got into a champagne spray war.  I stole this picture from Jess and she put it best, "no words necessary."  And for those of you who really know Trent...
1. Yes, his garage was super sticky the next day- floor, wall, cabinets, tool boxes, everything.
2. Yes, he asked what the heck happened and had to be reminded the next day it was all his doing hahaha.

 The party gang this year- but we missed everybody who couldn't make it due to sickness and weather!

 When I scrapbook, the dogs spend 99% of their day with me.  Harlee is in the chair... but can you spot Bentley?  I swear he's in there.  It's like a Where's Waldo?

 Trent and I also learned he's small enough to fit inside of Trent's outside/work boots.

These two really are BFFs.  I spotted them snuggling and had to sneak a pic.

 Bentley caught me though and woke up.  Love those dogs!

 For the third year in a row our family has decided to choose one word to live by for the year instead of making resolutions.  The theory is that you pick a word to apply to all aspects of your life, not just a single resolution.  I wrote more about it in these posts from here and here.
My past words have been Active in 2011 and Create in 2012.  Bet no one knew the real reason why I chose Create last year- to create a baby :) fooled everybody on that one!  This year I chose Embrace.  I thought of that word months ago but felt like another one might change my mind, but it never changed.  I picked it because...
- I want to embrace every single second of the last 12 weeks I have of hogging my little man in my tummy.  Selfish?  Yes.  But I have enjoyed almost every single second of being pregnant.  Me and the baby boy are a package deal right now and I love that every experience/feeling/movement is like a private conversation shared between just the two of us.  I'm sure I'll miss all his kicks and flutters when he makes his debut, but his appearance will more than make up for it!
-I plan to embrace these last 12 weeks of just Trent and I.  We've enjoyed it being just the two of us these last 6 years of being together... and I know that we're so thankful we waited to start a family because of all the T&K time we had first.
-I want to embrace every precious fleeting second once Baby O arrives.  Everyone tells you to enjoy every second because it will fly by and I know they are absolutely right.  I want to slow down and cherish every day and milestone we'll have together.  Work, social media, house chores, etc. will take a backseat for once in my life after that baby boy is here.
-I want to embrace all the changes... good and bad, big and small... that will impact our family in these next 12 months.  2013... I know you'll be our best year yet!

Trent's past words have been Inventive in 2011 and Motivation in 2012.  This year he really wanted to use the word Re-Invent... until I reminded him of his 2011 word haha.  Instead we brainstormed together a list of words similar to it that he could choose from.  He went with Adjust since 2013 is sure to be a year of adjustments to life as we know it!


  1. I love that you are enjoying your pregnancy so much! I felt the same way- you're going to be a great mommy! :)

  2. Awesome words and reasons behind them. Also, did you use your new lens for the dog and word pictures? Look good. :o)