Monday, March 25, 2013

39 Weeks

39 Weeks: Baby O is the weight of a mini watermelon.
He weighs a bit over 7 pounds and is around 20 inches.  This week he continues to build up a layer of fat to control his body temperature after birth and the outer layers of skin are coming off as new skin forms underneath.

How far along? 39 Weeks
Total weight gain?  29 pounds- how did my weight go down from last week? Weird.
Maternity clothes? Still the same- mixing maternity and non-maternity.
Stretch marks? Still none so far... my mom didn't get any either so here's to hoping the genetics win out!
Sleep? Actually really great.  I'm almost to the point where I'm pretty much getting up to use the bathroom in my sleep.
Best moment this week? Being on spring break, our last date ever before having to find a babysitter for little man, getting my delivery pedicure done with my mom, and meeting Baby O's gorgeous girlfriend, Leyton Grace Carlson.  Now he needs to hurry up and meet both her and his new buddy, Grady Thurman. 
Miss anything? Still nothing but I am getting sad thinking about no more kicks and hiccups from him inside my tummy.  I know that sounds crazy but I love feeling him squirm all the time.
Movement? Hasn't been as active but doctor assured us it's cause he's running out of room.  The movement is also way lower.
Food cravings? No food cravings- just drinking any liquid in sight like a camel. And no Mom, I promise it's not gestational diabetes- passed that test long ago ;)
Anything making you queasy/sick? Nada
Gender? Little man :)
Labor Signs? Had one day last week where I was uncomfortable all day and that night we were having some contractions that made Trent start timing them and be on the verge of calling the doctor.  But, they went away after falling asleep for a bit.  I also had a few contractions last night that kept me up from 2-4:30.  FUN day at work after that and being on spring break all last week ;)
Symptoms? Honestly, I feel awesome!!!  I'm sure it has mostly to do with being on spring break last week and doing absolutely nothing but lounge around.  My cankles went away, I wasn't tired, and only minor heartburn.  We'll see how teaching all week makes me feel.
Belly button in or out? Out 99% of the time.
Wedding rings on or off? Off :( Hoping I can put them on soon after his arrival.
Happy or moody? Giddy (one of our vocabulary words of the week haha) to be soooo close to D-Day.
Looking forward to? His birthday of course!  Any day now.... the unknown/suspense is killing me!
Daddy moment?   Seeing Trent's calm and steady demeanor (just like we all predicted) when he was timing contractions completely put me at ease for the real D-Day.  He is going to make such a good labor and delivery coach.  Let's hope I'm not a crazy lady in delivery haha.

Spring break is "ruff" for these two.

Only this diva would refuse to wear pants and want to hold her Belle dog to show how fast her new soccer shoes make her run.  She ran ALL night showing us how fast she was in her new Nikes.  She's definitely got a mind of her own!

The outfit/poses just got better and better!

She got in her workout with Tio.
 Trent planned this date night out for us.  We started our afternoon with some pottery painting.  We picked a fish lantern to do together.

 The colors will be much darker/bolder once it's fired in the kiln in about a week.

 Last date night ever without arranging a babysitter!  Craziness!

 The final product!  Can't wait to use the lantern on our patio this summer!

 After our pottery painting we headed to the hospital to meet Baby O's girlfriend, Leyton Grace Carlson.  Love her!!!!

 Looks just like mama and big sister, Emery.  Precious!!!  Can't wait to hold our baby soon!!!

Dinner was at Oklahoma Joe's.  BBQ=our favorite.  Especially the Pork Z-Man sandwich!

Dessert= Chocolate Premium Pothole for Trent and a pint of Bubble Gum ice cream for me. I'm proud to say I did not eat the entire thing in one sitting!

Our photographer/friend Erin posted all our maternity pics on her blog- LOVE them!!! Click HERE for the link.

Here's to hoping that the next time I blog it will be to announce someone's arrival :) !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck! You're so close! Hoping everything goes perfectly for you Trent and baby boy!

  2. Can you mail Colby and I a Z-Man?? One each please, he doesn't share very well. Thanks!