Monday, December 3, 2012

23 Weeks

23 Weeks: Baby O is the size of a mango.  
He weighs just over 1 pound and is 11 inches long!  This week the baby has developed his sense of movement and his hearing has become more keen.  He hears what we hear, just muffled.

How far along? 23 Weeks
Total weight gain? Up 12 pounds
Maternity clothes? I think I officially had to hang up all the old jeans :(  I wore a pair on Friday and felt suffocated the entire day. I stocked up on some more maternity pants this weekend but there's just not as many styles to choose from which is annoying.  Oh well... it's only temporary. 
Stretch marks? Nope- lathering on my cocoa butter
Sleep? Sleeping like a baby :)
Best moment this week? Berg/Olivier dinner night... date night with my love... and the arrival of our nursery chair "Christian Gray"... he looks/feels amazing!
Miss anything? Choosing any style of clothing I want- the maternity sections at all of these stores suck! Plus all the maternity styles in pants are fitting me weird... why is everything so long?!? I'm growing outwards, not upwards people. After hearing that Kate Middleton is pregnant too I can't wait to see what maternity clothes she wears- love her style! I'd also love her clothing budget too... but I feel like that's probably not gonna happen.
Food cravings? I've started having nightly bowls of ice cream.  But I did this quite frequently before I was pregnant too so not sure if that counts as a pregnancy craving or not.
Anything making you queasy/sick? Nothing
Gender? Little man :)
Labor Signs? No- I'd hope not!
Symptoms? I feel like I'm looking bigger than 23 weeks.  When I see other pictures of girls at 23 weeks I feel like I'm quite larger haha.  But... I am carrying Trenton's son and he didn't get the nickname of "man child"  in the sixth grade for nothing.  Lord, help me....
Belly button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody? Full of joy!
Looking forward to? The annual Rusco sweater party this weekend!!!! Flip cup domination... even if it is with root beer :)
Daddy moment?  Trent had a blast this week playing with our sa-weet video monitor we got from a family friend as a gift.  This thing is cool- full color, automatic night vision, lullabies, 2 way communication... we've enjoyed this gadget way more than a 27 and a 29 year old should. We're so sad we even involved the dogs.  They didn't seem as impressed :)

Forgot to include this last week- it's the graph results of what my 5th graders predicted for Baby O.  They all came to school wearing the color of their prediction the last day before Thanksgiving- and only 2 forgot!  I took lots of group pictures but don't want to post other people's kids on the Internet for privacy.  Just know they looked cute and we even did a picture with all the kiddos giving a peace sign back to the baby.  It was the idea of one of my boys since they all saw the sonogram picture of Baby O doing it.  My class is too cute, sometimes.


  1. You'll be grateful for those longer tops when you get further along- I felt the same way and believe it or not when you get to the end even the maternity tops aren't long enough! You look so great- over halfway there! :)

  2. Weren't you like an 8lb baby?! My guess is your baby will be big too...sorry. ;o) You don't look big at all though. And there's no better time to be pregnant that Thanksgiving and Christmas! You can totally use the baby as an excuse to eat all the goodies you want!