Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some life changing news!

This is guaranteed to be my longest post ever so feel free to skip reading it.  I'm writing this more just for us to remember everything anyway.  Guess I'll get started...

Nov. 20, 2011:
Trent and I were out running the usual Sunday errands- Target, Home Depot, etc. We smelled Red Robin when we were leaving Home Depot so we decided to go have a late lunch.  We were talking about the diva, little Miss Jeryn Fe and all the funny stories from her earlier in the week when we babysat her.  Right when our food came and my first bite was in my mouth, Trent dropped a huge bomb on me out of nowhere.  He said, "I think we should move up our baby timeline and start trying this year."  After almost choking and a long period of silence I was ready to finally talk this over.  We had always said that we were on the "5 year plan." As in- whenever we celebrated five years of marriage we would start trying for a baby.  But we decided that moving up our plan might not be a bad idea afterall since we knew we wanted Jeryn to have a cousin close in age and it had taken my parents almost two years to get pregnant with me.  By the end of lunch it had been decided- I was going off the pill sometime in January-Februaryish and we'd start trying that spring.  Pretty sure we spent the rest of they day glowing about our secret decision.

Late Jan/early Feb 2012:
I went off the pill as planned. Nothing exciting here to report.

St. Patty's Day, March 17, 2012:
I was a few days late and we had big party plans that night.  Knowing I couldn't have a good time without some peace of mind we decided to take our very first ever pregnancy test.  It came back negative and we were fine with that since we had just started trying for the baby. A little disappointed, not gonna lie, but we had a wonderful holiday as planned.  Then a couple days later my monthly visitor arrived and life was normal.

April-May-June of 2012:
TMI here probably... I apologize.  We went three months without me having a period.  It was very frustrating and confusing.  We would take a couple pregnancy tests every month thinking, "Maybe this is it." But all of them were negative, still no monthly visit, and it was very discouraging.  We blamed it on me being on the pill for awhile and my body just adjusting to that change.  We decided that after three months of no period we were headed back to my doctor.

1st week of July 2012:
I headed into my doctor to see what the heck was going on. I had to take a blood work pregnancy test, which came back negative.  I really wanted to tell them, "Duh." They couldn't figure anything out and decided to put me on a 10 day trial run of some estrogen pills thinking some extra hormones might help kick-start my monthly friend.  I was told that after 10 days if nothing had arrived I needed to come back. So right before my 27th birthday and our 4 year anniversary (which are just two days apart), my doctor decided she wanted to put me back on one or two months of my birth control pills.  I was devastated.  I called Trent the minute I left the doctor, crying and all upset that this was ruining "our plans." Thank God for Trenton though, because he could see the bigger picture of God's plan and that we had to trust our doctor and what she was doing.  So we celebrated birthdays and our anniversary and I started my new pack of pills of July 14.

First weekend of August:
We had a fun weekend planned and I wasn't going to miss a thing even though I had been fighting some horrible cramps the last week or so and just felt downright crappy with an upset stomach.  I popped some Pepto and went about our fun weekend happenings.  I brushed it all off knowing that on Monday I should be expecting my monthly friend- I blamed it all on her.

Monday 8-6-12:
I felt like crap ALL DAY.  I just did not feel like myself and wanted to do nothing but lay on the couch in a ball.  I figured it was my period- plus my anxiety and nerves (which give me nausea) about going back to work and a new school year starting with lots of changes on Wednesday.  I still get really nervous about going back to school- even though it's my 5th year of teaching now.  It's really annoying.  I started making a chicken crockpot meal around noon for dinner and wanted to throw up the entire time I was cutting up the chicken- which isn't normal for me.  I told Trent about it and he thought it was really strange.  You can see some of my convo with Trent below.  We decided just to be safe maybe we'd take a pregnancy test that night.

I finally showered late afternoon, like 3ish, no lie.  I went into my classroom to check on my new fish tank and went to the store to buy a pregnancy test. I was cheap and only bought one because I figured there was absolutely no way I was pregnant since they had put me back on the pill.  Trent got home and we quickly ate dinner before he headed to softball and I headed to a friend's Scentsy party.  He ate the chicken meal... but I wasn't going near that stuff and just settled on a bowl of cereal.  We forgot all about the pregnancy test. 

At bedtime that night we remembered the test while packing our gym bags for our 5 a.m. workout.  I didn't even want to bother taking it but Trent said might as well since 4:30 a.m. was going to come early.  He went downstairs to fill up water bottles so I went to the bathroom for the test.  In the past he was always waiting right there in our bedroom for the results.  But since I was sooo sure this was going to be negative, I didn't bother waiting for him.  Again, TMI... I didn't even have time to get off the toilet before the test showed positive- we were pregnant.  I hollered for Trent to get up here NOW.  After he yelled back, kinda snotty too might I add ;), he came up and I showed him the test.  We both freaked out- in a good way of course.  Which meant only one thing- we had to go buy more tests from Wal-Mart.  So we changed out of pajamas, threw on some clothes, and raced to Wally world at 11 p.m. Two more tests that night and it was official- we were pregnant... or I was taking the tests wrong haha.

Tuesday 8-7-12:
After skipping our early morning workout, we took two more tests before Trent headed off to work and they both came back positive too.  We were SO incredibly excited.  But then I realized that OMG I was going back to work the next day!!  I called my doctor at 8 o'clock on the dot and they were nice enough to get me in first thing.

 A urine sample and blood work test later confirmed our five at home tests- we were having a baby!!!!!  I treated myself and the baby to Chinese food for my last lunch of summer break and opened up a hilarious fortune.  At least me and Trent thought it was funny.

So that's our story- somehow, someway, we created this little miracle and couldn't be more excited for this next adventure to begin!!!!!!

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