Monday, September 17, 2012

Telling Our Group

Not being able to tell our group of friends was the hardest part of the waiting period once we got our baby news.  Our friends are our second family and keeping this secret from them was sooo painful!  We invited everyone over for a "fall kickoff BBQ" at our house last Friday... but it was really to spill our secret.  It was kinda last minute so not everyone was able to make it.  But for those who were able to make it, it was such a special night for us- thanks to the Bergs, Carlsons, Hermons, Madrid/Burkes for being a part of our secret video.  And thank you also to the McNeers, Scoggins', and DaSilvas for coming over later to celebrate!

Things to note:
-The Bergs already knew our secret so Jobeth and Kyle aren't acting surprised for a reason.  They've known all along :)
-Somebody drops an f-bomb not realizing that we're on video... sorry about that ;)
-Babies cry out of fear, dogs bark in confusion, and girls scream in excitement.  Turn down your volume cause this video gets loud.
-Kenny stays in one spot the entire time cause he's so well trained on how often we do group pictures around here haha.  Even after the video stopped he asked when we were taking the picture.  You're the best, Kenneth!
-Yes, me and Jess are exactly one week apart- listen for her scream and then crying.  It couldn't be more exciting!
-Sorry you can only hear, not see, most of the action with us girls.  I was behind the camera this time.

Without further ado...

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