Sunday, September 16, 2012

Telling Trent's family

My family (and best friend, Jobeth) got to find out the baby news right away since they live in town.  But since Trent's parents live in Great Bend we had to wait until they came to visit so we could tell them, Grandma Geneva, and Ashley and Jerad.  Keeping this secret from them for an entire MONTH was awful!!  I know that it literally killed Trent everyday to talk to his family and not be able to say something.  But that's just not something you want to say over the phone :)

We knew since this summer how we wanted to tell groups of people.  For anybody that knows me, they know how I am with group photos for my scrapbooking.  Granted, this was just a random Labor Day weekend Saturday...but we made them do a group photo anyway... "for the scrapbook."  Although someone **cough, cough, Ashley** was very suspicious why we were doing a group photo randomly.  Back this summer we found videos on youtube where people pretend to set up a "group shot" but really spill the baby news when they count down for the picture.  Once we saw those videos... we knew that's how we'd be telling family and friends.

Things to note about the video:
-sorry I smile/sound like an idiot.  I'm not good with surprises.
-Lora not saying anything for 15 seconds.
-Jeryn slipping down Lora cause she's so shocked.
-Jerad's reaction- especially hand on hip action
-Somebody starting to cry when she walks off camera- tears of happiness!

Telling Jeryn was awesome because she's at the perfect age to get excited about a new baby cousin!  Even if she did lift up my shirt to see the baby and then tell me she wanted to see the baby NOW.  She's gonna have to wait awhile for that one...

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  1. Crying? contacts were bothering me...
    Mom seriously was silent for the longest time!