Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Due Date

Friday 8-10-12:
Since we couldn't calculate a due date based on periods (go to the first post if you're lost) they sent us for an ultrasound to determine how far along we were.  Trent and I took guesses on when we thought we were due.  Trent said May 24, I said May 10... but man we were both a long ways off.

 This was our first view of our baby.  Unbelievable and totally mesmerizing.  Trent took video the whole time and I literally watch it every week to see Lil' O.

 They were able to check baby's heart rate and were very pleased.  The heart looked like a lightning bug glowing every time it would beat.  I couldn't help but cry as we watched.  It was too soon to hear it but you could see it!

And this is where they measured it and then calculated the due date based on fetal pole length.  The sonographer told us that Baby O would be joining our family on April 1- April Fool's Day!  We both looked at each other all all we could say was, "Nuh uh." We couldn't believe how far along we already were.  The lady told us that made us exactly 6 weeks and 4 days along.  All I could think about was how perfect this was as a teacher... all of April, May, June, and July off with the baby.  We couldn't have picked a more perfect day.  So seriously... if our friends and family get a text saying we're in labor on April Fool's... it could be legit :)

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